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Reputable manufacturers of automatic transmissions (automatic transmissions). Such as Z F. Aisin and G M. Unanimously declare the need to constantly monitor the condition and level of transmission oil (ATF). As well as to carry out its regular replacement in accordance with the established regulations. This is the only way to ensure reliable and trouble-free operation of the unit over a long service life.

The frequency of changing the transmission oil is indicated in the service book of your car. The procedure is as mandatory as the entire range of routine maintenance (MOT) works. To be completely sure of the automatic transmission’s performance. It is necessary to control the level and condition of ATF at least 1 time for every 10 thousand kilometers. If the oil has lost its transparency and purity. Then this is a sure sign that it is time to change.

Partial oil change. Automatic transmission Citroen

This method attracts car owners by the fact that it can be done independently without the participation of car service specialists. Which means that you can save money. The old oil is removed through the drain hole. And if there is none. Then it is necessary to dismantle the sump. In this case. Only 30 to 50% ATF is drained. Everything else will still be in the automatic transmission mechanism. The amount of new oil to be poured in must be equal to the volume of the drained oil.

Obviously, this technique only allows updating. But not replacement. Having carried out several such cycles with an interval of about 100 km and spent a large amount of oil. You can achieve an acceptable result.

Complete oil change in automatic transmission Citroen

For long-term trouble-free operation of the automatic transmission. We recommend a complete oil change (ATF) at regular intervals. In our car service. A complete oil change is carried out using special equipment. While providing an accurate dosage of oil and automatically recording the volume of the drained and replacement technical fluid.

In addition. Different transmissions use different oils. The availability of which in the warehouse was specially taken care of by our service specialists.

Complete timely replacement of oil and filters in automatic transmissions extends transmission life by 100%.

How often do you need to change the oil in the automatic transmission?

The average frequency of routine maintenance depends on the type of box:

    hydraulic automatic transmissions — every 40-50 thousand km of run;

    variators (CVT) — 30-50 thousand km;

    robotic checkpoints (MTA) — 40-50 thousand km.

Together with the oil. The filter must also be replaced. The whole range of measures allows you to maintain the automatic transmission in a fully functional condition and avoid expensive repairs.

Changing the oil in the Citroen C5 gearbox is most often associated with the repair of the automatic transmission itself. Or it is replaced with a new one during the work to eliminate oil leaks. Since it must be drained for work. The oil in the automatic transmission is filled in by the manufacturer once for the entire service life of the car. It is recommended to entrust the oil change in the automatic transmission Citroen C5 to professionals. But in some cases this operation can be done on your own.

Functions of ATF oil in automatic transmission Citroen C5:

  • effective lubrication of rubbing surfaces and mechanisms;
  • reduction of the mechanical load on the units;
  • heat removal;
  • removal of microparticles resulting from corrosion or wear of parts.

The color of ATF oil for automatic transmission Citroen C5 allows not only to distinguish oils by type. But helps to find out in case of a leak. From which system the fluid escaped. For example. Oil in automatic transmission and power steering has a red tint. Antifreeze is green. And in the engine it is yellowish. Reasons for oil leakage from automatic transmission in Citroen C5:

  • wear of automatic transmission oil seals;
  • wear of the surfaces of the shafts. The occurrence of a gap between the shaft and the sealing element;
  • wear of the automatic transmission sealing element and the speedometer drive shaft;
  • play in the input shaft of the automatic transmission;
  • damage to the sealing layer in the joints between automatic transmission parts: pallet. Automatic transmission case, crankcase. Clutch housing;
  • loosening of the bolts that ensure the connection of the above parts of the automatic transmission;

Low oil level in automatic transmission Citroen C5 is the main reason for failure of clutches. Due to the low pressure of the fluid. The clutches do not press well against the steel discs and do not contact each other tightly enough. As a result. The friction linings in the Citroen C5 automatic transmission get very hot. Carbonized and destroyed. Significantly contaminating the oil.

Due to lack of oil or low-quality oil in the automatic transmission Citroen C5:

  • plungers and channels of the valve body are clogged with mechanical particles. Which leads to a shortage of oil in the packages and provokes wear of the sleeve. Rubbing pump parts, etc. ;
  • steel transmission discs overheat and wear out quickly;
  • rubberized pistons, thrust discs. Clutch drum. Etc; overheat and burn out;
  • the valve body wears out and becomes unusable.

Contaminated automatic transmission oil cannot fully dissipate heat and provide high-quality lubrication of parts. Which leads to various malfunctions of the Citroen C5 automatic transmission. Heavily contaminated oil is an abrasive slurry that creates a sandblasting effect under high pressure. An intense impact on the valve body leads to a thinning of its walls at the locations of the control valves. As a result of which numerous leaks may occur.
You can check the oil level in the automatic transmission Citroen C5 using a dipstick. The oil dipstick has two pairs of marks — the upper pair Max and Min allows you to determine the level on hot oil. The lower pair — on cold oil. Using the dipstick. It is easy to check the condition of the oil: you need to drip oil onto a clean white cloth.

When choosing a Citroen C5 automatic transmission oil for replacement. You should follow a simple principle: it is best to use an oil recommended by Citroen. In this case. Instead of mineral oil. You can fill in semi-synthetic or synthetic. But in no case should you use oil «lower class» than prescribed.

Synthetic oil for automatic transmission Citroen C5 is called «irreplaceable». It is poured for the entire life of the car. This oil does not lose its properties under the influence of high temperature and is designed for a very long life of Citroen C5. But we must not forget about the appearance of mechanical suspension as a result of wear of the clutches with a very significant mileage. If the automatic transmission has been operated for some time in conditions of lack of oil. It is required to check the degree of its contamination and. If necessary. Replace it.

Ways to change the oil in the automatic transmission Citroen C5:

  • Partial oil change in the Citroen C5 box;
  • Complete oil change in the Citroen C5 box;

Partial oil change in automatic transmission Citroen C5 can be done independently. To do this, it is enough to unscrew the drain on the pallet. Driving the car onto the overpass. And collect the oil in a container. Usually up to 25-40% of the volume flows out. The remaining 60-75% remains in the torque converter. That is, in fact. This is an update. Not a replacement. To update the oil in the automatic transmission of Citroen C5 in this way to the maximum, 2-3 replacements are required.

A complete oil change of the Citroen C5 automatic transmission is carried out using an automatic transmission oil change unit, by specialists in the car service. In this case. More ATF will be required than the Citroen C5 automatic transmission can accommodate. One and a half or double volume of fresh ATF is used for flushing. The cost will be more expensive than partial replacement. And not every car service provides such a service.
Partial ATF oil change in automatic transmission Citroen C5 according to the simplified scheme:

  1. Unscrew the drain plug. Drain the old ATF oil;
  2. We unscrew the automatic transmission pan, which. In addition to the bolts holding it. Is processed along the contour with a sealant.
  3. We get access to the automatic transmission filter. It is advisable to change it with each oil change. Or rinse it.
  4. At the bottom of the pallet there are magnets that are needed to collect metal dust and chips.
  5. We clean the magnets and rinse the pan, wipe dry.
  6. We install the automatic transmission filter in place.
  7. We install the automatic transmission pan in place. Replacing the automatic transmission pan gasket if necessary.
  8. We tighten the drain plug. Replacing the drain plug gasket for the automatic transmission.

We fill the oil through the technological filler hole (where the automatic transmission dipstick is located). Using the dipstick we control the oil level in the automatic transmission to a cold one. After changing the oil in the automatic transmission. It is important to check its level after driving 10-20 km. Already with the automatic transmission warmed up. Top up if necessary. The regularity of oil changes depends not only on the mileage. But also on the nature of the ride on the Citroen C5. You should focus not on the recommended mileage. But on the degree of contamination of the oil. Systematically checking it.

Timely oil change in automatic transmission Citroen C5 can significantly extend the life of transmission parts and avoid an expensive unit. In addition. The renewal of the transmission fluid has a positive effect on the driving comfort: gear changes become softer and more invisible.

When to change?

Changing the oil in the automatic transmission Citroen C5 is not provided for by the manufacturer — the fluid filled at the factory is designed for the entire service life of the gearbox. However, taking into account the Russian road and climatic features. Maintenance is still worth carrying out: experts recommend doing this with a frequency of 60 thousand kilometers.

If there is no data on the last oil change. Then the reason for performing the operation may be:

  • a T F color change (darkening);
  • the presence of a characteristic «burnt» smell;
  • detection of traces of metal dust in the oil;
  • failures in the transmission.

How to change?

The oil is changed in two ways:

  • partial replacement. Which involves removing the automatic transmission oil pan and installing a new filter element (performed manually);
  • complete (hardware) replacement. Requiring connection to a special stand.

The procedure for changing the oil in the automatic transmission Citroen C5 is associated with a number of difficulties due to the design features of the car. That is why it is more logical to entrust it to professionals.

The gearbox is the link between the engine and the transmission. At first glance. The principle of its operation is quite simple: it transfers rotation from the engine flywheel to the transmission. And then to the wheels. If the torque is transmitted by means of shaft synchronizers. Which are practically in contact with each other. Then in an automatic box the possibility of contact of the shafts is excluded. The fact is that the torque from the engine to the transmission is transmitted by centrifugal force in the torque converter (in rare cases. There is a variator). And this helps to provide stepless gear shifting.

Instructions for changing the oil in automatic transmission Citroen C5.

It looks something like this: the engine spins the flywheel of the drive shaft. Which, in turn. Transmits rotation to the blades of the driven shaft. But this happens not because the blades are in contact with each other. But because centrifugal force spins the oil that is filled with the gearbox … Consequently. Oil is not only wear protection for automatic transmission parts. But also an integral part of the mechanism itself. Without it, the box cannot work. Which means that sometimes it has to be changed. The Citroen C5 happens for different reasons and in different ways.

Replacement frequency

There are several reasons for changing a component in an automatic box. The most obvious is the mileage. The manufacturer’s recommended range of critical mileage for automatic transmission Citroen C5 is 50-60 thousand kilometers. Despite the lack of the need for special attention to the box. The oil can deteriorate sooner than the manufacturer expects. Often, harsh operating conditions force the replacement of car owners. There are other reasons. But they are quite rare. If the oil has gone bad. The machine will let you know about it.

The most common signal is switching at high revs. For example, if a car, when switching from first to second, etc. , usually has a speed of 1500-2000, and then suddenly it happens at 2500 rpm without dynamic acceleration. Then there is something wrong with the oil. Of course, each «machine» has its own speed limit for the transition to the next speed. So periodically check the tachometer readings during switching. A signal for replacement can also be strong jolts when switching speeds. When the drive can be switched off for a few seconds.

What kind of oil to pour

The automatic transmission is quite sensitive to. Therefore, it is almost impossible to independently determine exactly which automatic oil is suitable for the Citroen C5 automatic transmission. Usually, the name of the oil is spelled out in the technical passport of the car — from the moment of purchase. Basic information is entered there. As well as maintenance records. If there is no such information in the technical passport. You can look for it on the dipstick or on the inside of the hood lid. As a last resort. A good service station will definitely tell you which choice to make. As well as whether it is worth it partially or completely.

Partial replacement

Usually, owners of cars with an automatic transmission choose a partial oil change. Considering it a more budgetary option. Indeed, under certain circumstances it is. If the car was purchased without a run from an authorized dealer. Then it will really be cheaper to partially replace the component in the automatic transmission. To carry out such a replacement. You need to warm up the car. Unscrew the drain plug. Drain some of the liquid. Screw the drain plug back. And then add exactly the same amount of new one through the filler hole. Thus, the spent component will remain no more than 1/3. But be sure to pay attention to the color of the oil — a slightly darkened one can be partially replaced. But if the oil is too dark. Then it is better to carry out a complete replacement.

Procedure for complete replacement

Complete replacement is not such a budget option. But more effective. It is recommended when buying a used car if the new owner does not know the brand and type of previously replaced components. Also, the full one will be more useful than the partial one in case of switching at higher speeds or when jerks occur. In order for it to be truly complete. Certain equipment is required. The algorithm for carrying out such a replacement is not very different from a partial one. But it has more stages:

After a complete replacement. It is worth starting the car and letting it run a little at idle. It is important to remember that a complete replacement should be carried out precisely at a service station with special equipment. Perhaps twice as much oil will be used. But you will be absolutely sure that there is no old oil or frictional dirt left in the valve body. Which can scratch the «brains» of the automatic transmission.